7 steps to your owning your own home:


1. Our Professional Realtor will help you get Pre-qualified so that you know what price you can afford.
2. Decide what location, features, and priorities are important to you.
3. View several homes in your price range to determine your choice.


In purchasing your  home, the initial step will be to instruct your Realtor to make an offer to purchase. This offer must be in writing and accompanied by an earnest money check to show "good faith." This offer should include:
1. The amount you are willing to pay.
2. Closing and occupancy dates.
3. Any contingencies, including obtaining of mortgage, and building pest inspections.
4. Any personal property specially included or excluded.


When the buyer and seller agree on terms, the buyer immediately applies for financing, taking the necessary credit information to the lender.


BE PATIENT! The lender will arrange for a credit report and appraisal of the property and begin processing the loan. This may take 2-6 weeks depending on the type of financing.


Once loan approval is received, the Realtor will see that all necessary contingencies are met.


The escrow company will examine the necessary documents to determine what steps, if any, the seller must take to provide for closing escrow.


The closing. When escrow is in a position then the transaction will be recorded at the recorders office. Possession of the house by the purchaser is accomplished according to the terms specified in the offer to purchase. We will help you clearly define your housing wants and needs. And help you find homes that meet your personal and financial expectations -- instead of limiting your search to our listings.

We will help you enjoy the process of finding your new home as much as you'll enjoy living in it!

Joan Berry

Joan Berry

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